Meet the Mentors of Hatch Web3 Accelerator for Hedera's Bootcamp - Season 2

The Hatch Web3 Accelerator for Hedera Bootcamp has brought on board seven exceptional mentors ready to help 20 outstanding startups scale in the Web3 space.

Meet the Mentors of Hatch Web3 Accelerator for Hedera's Bootcamp - Season 2

The Hatch Web3 Accelerator for Hedera Bootcamp has brought on board seven exceptional mentors ready to help 20 outstanding startups scale in the Web3 space. With the support of the HBAR Foundation, these startups are benefitting from knowledge transfers, workshops and office hours to help the 20 teams strengthen their startups on both, the tech front and the business front.

Without further adieu, let's meet the mentors!

Matt Woodward- Head of Developer Relations, Swirlds Labs

Matt Woodward is currently serving as Head of Developer Relations in Swirlds Labs. He has more than twenty years of experience in the industry as a Software Developer. In his career, he has developed and founded several products and startups. In Swirlds Labs, as Head of Developer Relations, Matt aims to create an amazing Developer Experience (DX) for the software developers that are discovering, learning, and building products on Hedera.

In our upcoming Hatch Web3 Accelerator Bootcamp, Matt will be sharing his insights on Hedera Hashgraph technology and its benefits. He will comprehensively discuss the Hedera Hashgraph technology and will point out some of its more vital benefits that startups can leverage to build amazing products.

Viv Diwakar- Director of Technology, Strategy- HBAR foundation

Viv Diwakar is working as the Director of Technology and Strategy at HBAR Foundation. He has 20+ years of experience in the technology field, serving in different leadership roles. Over the years, he has aimed at building and leading teams that focus on M&A and integrations, divestments and carve-outs, hands-on turnarounds of distressed companies, new products and market entry, and infrastructure operations in developed, emerging and frontier markets. Viv has also constantly been involved in Blockchain/DLT space since 2011. He has also co-founded several startups in the blockchain and web3 space.

In the Hatch Web3 Accelerator Bootcamp, Viv will share his insights from his experience on how to design a robust and interoperable Web3 structure. As we all know, interoperability among different blockchains is a crucial function to get the ball rolling for innovative products to hit the market. Given how developers are still hustling on making this feature more robust, we believe Viv will be a great help for emerging startups in scaling the interoperability function.

Niko Leontakianakos- Ecosystem Acceleration- HBAR foundation

Niko Leontakianakos is an integral part of the HBAR Foundation, serving as the Ecosystem Acceleration Lead. His role involves nurturing and expanding the ecosystem around HBAR, the native cryptocurrency of Hedera Hashgraph. He works closely with developers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to foster innovation and adoption of the technology. Niko's relentless efforts in driving ecosystem growth contribute to the expansion and success of the HBAR Foundation's mission. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Niko has also founded his own startup Mountventure.AI.

In the Hatch Web3 Accelerator Bootcamp, Niko will share his experience and knowledge of Business Development in Web3. He’ll be sharing the key points that could help startups to grow their business in the constantly evolving Web3 industry.

Blake Deane- VP, Controller- HBAR foundation

Blake Deane brings financial expertise and leadership to the HBAR Foundation as the Vice President and Controller. He has over a decade of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of financial operations. Blake oversees the foundation's financial strategies, accounting practices, and reporting procedures in HBAR foundation. His diligent work ensures transparency, accuracy, and compliance in financial matters. Blake's contributions contribute to the foundation's financial stability and sustainable growth. Black has also worked for some of the most renowned global consulting firms, such as Pwc.

During the boot camp, Blake will be sharing his insights on how to Raise Capital and Manage Finances for Blockchain Businesses. His knowledge could be very beneficial for startups to understand the nuances of raising investments and funds in the Web3 sector. Startups will also learn how they can manage and grow their finances.

As the Chief Legal Officer of HBAR Inc., Jorge Pesok is pivotal in ensuring legal compliance and risk management. With a wealth of legal knowledge and experience, Jorge navigates the complex legal landscape in the blockchain industry. He provides counsel on regulatory matters, intellectual property protection, and contract negotiations. Jorge's expertise safeguards HBAR Inc. and enables the organization to operate within legal boundaries while fostering innovation.  

In the Hatch Web3 Accelerator Bootcamp, Jorge will be shedding some light on the Legal and Regulatory Compliances of the Web3 industry. As he has over a decade of experience in handling legal matters for corporations, he is the perfect person to learn about what legal and regulatory issues or aid could occur for web3 businesses in the future.

Shantanu Vishwanadha- Devrel Head- Lumos Labs

Shantanu Vishwanadha holds a crucial position as the Head of Developer Relations at Lumos Labs. With a passion for developer engagement and education, Shantanu establishes strong relationships with developers and supports their needs. His role involves providing technical guidance, organizing workshops and events, and fostering a vibrant developer community. Through Shantanu's efforts, Lumos Labs empowers developers to create groundbreaking solutions and push the boundaries of technology.

Shantanu is also a Hedera Tech expert and will provide startups with technical support. With almost a decade of experience in blockchain development, Shantanu is one of the best people to seek advice from about the future of the Web3 industry.

Ayush Patel- Startup Analyst - BuidlersTribe

Ayush Patel's role as a Startup Analyst at BuidlersTribe showcases his passion for fostering innovation and supporting emerging businesses. With a keen eye for identifying promising startups, Ayush conducts in-depth research and analysis to evaluate their potential. He assists entrepreneurs in refining their business strategies, securing funding, and connecting with the right resources. Ayush's valuable insights and expertise contribute to the success of startups within the BuidlersTribe ecosystem.

Leveraging Ayush’s 5+ years of experience, he is going to be our startup advisor at the Hatch Web3 Accelerator Bootcamp. If you are seeking the best piece of advice to scale up your Web3 startup, Ayush is the perfect person to connect with at the Hatch Web3 Accelerator Bootcamp.

Mentors FTW!

With this exceptional lineup of mentors, the Hatch Web3 Accelerator Bootcamp promises to be an enriching and transformative experience for the participating startups. The insights, guidance, and connections provided by these mentors will undoubtedly contribute to the success and growth of the Web3 ecosystem as a whole.